Untitled (WHAM CITY) Untitled (WHAM CITY) "god's eyes" (yarn and wooden dowels), rabbit skin glue, lead oil ground
Untitled (Missing You) Untitled (Missing You) embossed paper, dust, wooden trays
Untitled (Mom) Untitled (Mom) framed photo-etchings
Untitled (I could still go there) Untitled (I could still go there) framed prints of Photo Booth captures
Untitled (Litanies) Untitled (Litanies) laser-cut acrylic, steel hooks and steel key rings
Calling Calling laser-cut and -etched acrylic
Untitled (Jaundice) Untitled (Jaundice) Indian yellow oil paint on marble tile
Untitled (Mt. St. Helens) Untitled (Mt. St. Helens) fluorescent oil paint on copper