Screen Wall Blocks (Window)

Screen Wall Blocks (Window)
May – June 2012
Window, Winnipeg, MB

Programmed by Derek Dunlop and J.J. Kegan McFadden

Screen Wall Blocks (Window) is the first sculptural work in an ongoing series based on the pierced concrete bricks whose widespread use was a defining feature of mid-20th-Century suburban architecture. The piece consists of full-scale foam rubber replicas of designs manufactured since the 1950s by the A-1 Block Corporation of Orlando, Florida (near Tampa, where I grew up), arranged according to chance in this and future site-adjusted installations.

Neither fully “window” nor “wall,” the modular lattice speaks to ambivalences and contradictions central to my practice—those between private experience and public display, representation and objecthood, repetition and randomness. The piece playfully (and affectionately) debases Minimalist preoccupations with regular, industrially-produced materials and forms and, like much of my work, foregrounds my own wary nostalgia for sub-tropical suburbia.