Untitled (Big Sur) Untitled (Big Sur) Oil on flocked polyester Remembrance Day poppies
Give Thanks (2005) Give Thanks (2005) Display box, aquarium gravel, and black light fixture
Color Filtration (Mt. St. Helens) Color Filtration (Mt. St. Helens) Single-channel digital video loop
Untitled (Arbitration makes this go away) Untitled (Arbitration makes this go away) Gold paint pen on corrugated plastic signs
Untitled (Color Harmony Manual) Untitled (Color Harmony Manual) framed pages from the Container Corporation of America's 1948 Color Harmony Manual
Untitled (Florida) Untitled (Florida) Framed Chromira and Fuji Frontier prints
Untitled (Against Hope) Untitled (Against Hope) Photographs and various documents on cork boards
Untitled (1971b) Untitled (1971b) Chromira print, poster frame, digital inkjet print