Untitled (Proof) Untitled (Proof) 22 digital offset prints
Untitled (Tampa Bay, November 1947) Untitled (Tampa Bay, November 1947) framed Chromira prints and plastic sheeting
Untitled (Jaundice) Untitled (Jaundice) Indian yellow oil paint on marble tile
Untitled (Catastrophe) Untitled (Catastrophe) two sets of 1000 thermographic (raised-ink) business cards
I’ll Love You for 1000 Yrs I’ll Love You for 1000 Yrs set of 1000 full-color business cards
Untitled (Mt. St. Helens) Untitled (Mt. St. Helens) fluorescent oil paint on copper
Ooo-ooo, Ooo-ooo Ooo-ooo, Ooo-ooo color photograph, glass, and mirror